How to Change JioFi Default Login Password?

JioFi device is currently one of the most used personal internet broadband in India. So there are also lots of query about the functionality of the device. One of the most asked questions is, how to change JioFi password and WiFi (SSID) name? Well, this is also a very important thing every JioFi users should know as this ensure the security of the whole network and SSID is the name by which users can recognise their WiFi network. So, in this article, we will show you how you can change JioFi password and WiFi (SSID) name easily within few minutes.

Why You Should Change the JioFi Password

Currently, there are lots of YouTube videos available on how to hack a WiFi network without knowing the password. And there might be other reasons as well such as you have given the password to somebody, and now you do not want that person to use your network. Another reason is, you should keep changing the JioFi password frequently to prevent hacking and prevent other unwanted users from spying on your network.

Do you know? One can also get into your WiFi network and get all the information that is being transferred via the network. Hackers can also get your sensitive information such as your Bank account number, Net banking password, Credit/Debit card details and even your Facebook, Google and social media account passwords by getting access to your WiFi network? Yes! That’s possible. And that’s why you need to change JioFi password at least once in a month.

And as JioFi is a portable modem device, you also carry it to various places and use it in public places as well. So, you also open doors for hackers to spy on your network as they can find your network in public places. Hacking a protected WiFi network is not a difficult task nowadays. Anyone who has some technical knowledge can easily learn this on YouTube. There are tons of articles written on this topic on the internet. But, all these things can be stopped if you change your JioFi password on a frequent basis.

JioFi Password

Default Login Username & Password


How To Change JioFi Password?

  • First of all turn on the JioFi device.
  • Then connect any device that has a web browser to the modem.
  • Open the browser on your device and go to http://jiofi.local.html.
  • Once you are there, it will ask for the login credentials.
  • Enter your login details. The default is – administrator for both username and password.
  • Once you are in, go to Settings > User Management.

JioFi Password Change

  • Here you can enter your new WiFi password.
  • At the same place here, you can change your JioFi WiFi name (SSID).

Useful Read: If you have forgotten the password; here’s how you can hard reset JioFi modem to default factory settings.

Hope you guys liked this article on how to change JioFi password and WiFi SSID name. If you still have any query, ask it in the comments section below! We will try to reply to you and give you proper guidance.

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