Jio Giga Fiber Router Login IP Address: How to Change Password?

India is currently number two internet using country in the world after China. India crossed the internet using giant USA which is huge. From 2000 to 2017 internet user growth rate in the USA was 227% whereas the rate in India was 9142%, which is just unimaginable. All this internet growth has happened in India due to only one reason which is Jio, they provided data for free at first after that at a very low cost. Jio revolutionized telecom sector and internet growth in India. Now Jio is targeting to create a boom in broadband internet sector also because in term of broadband user India is still at its infancy stage. Jio is going to use fiber based fixed-line broadband to provide high-speed connections to consumers though they are not the first fiber-based internet providers in India. Bangalore based ACT fibernet is providing fiber broadband from 2017, although ACT fibernet is not available everywhere in India.  Also, the registration process for Jio Giga Fiber connection is started. After successful registration, your internet connection will be established via a router called “Jio Giga Fiber Router”. So let’s discuss a few details about the router such as how to access Giga Router admin page, what is the login IP address, how you can change the default password and more.

What is Jio Giga Fiber Router?

It is a router which will manage your broadband internet connections with all your devices, for example, your PC, laptop, mobile etc. The Jio Giga Fiber Router is capable of giving speeds up to 1GB per second. It will also power Jio GigaTV in future which will be another service of Jio. This router can handle 44 devices simultaneously and it is a dual band router. This means you can use this router at 2.5 GHz or at 5 GHz, where 2.5 GHz provide long range and low speed and 5 GHz provide short range and high-speed wifi connections.

Jio Giga Fiber Router Login IP

Jio Giga Fiber Router Login 

The Login IP address, username and default password needed to access the router are given below.

IP Address:

User Name: admin

Password: Jiocentrum

How to Change Password & SSID in Jio Giga Fiber Router?

  1. Turn your device on and connect your device to Jio Giga fiber router
  2. Now paste “” into your web browser
  3. Then enter your username and password to access the homepage. Remember if you never changed your username and password it will be same as mentioned above.
  4. After entering to the homepage you can reset your SSID and password.

Note: The Giga Fiber router IP address is not officially announced by Jio till now. However, in 99% of the case, “” works to access the admin page of the router. So try to log in using this IP address also and if it works for you drop a comment to let us know.

Why You Should Change the Router Default Password?

To be safe it always recommends changing your default password.  Because if any person in the router range wants to access your router and your Username and password if default he can access your network and hack your network and access your devices which are connected to that router. So always change your default password to a strong password.

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